The Ugly

Justin confronts the harsh reality hidden within the bustling streets of Bangkok. In this gripping blog post, Justin exposes the heart-wrenching scenes he witnessed during his journey through Sukhumvit Road. As he strolled through the vibrant city, Justin encountered homeless families with young children, desperately begging for change and struggling to survive on the unforgiving […]

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The Bad

Join Justin as he ventures into the depths of Bangkok’s Sukhumvit Road, immersing himself in a night of daring exploration that reveals the “bad” and “ugly” aspects of the city. Brace yourself for an eye-opening account as Justin navigates through the vibrant alleyway known as Soi Cowboy, encountering a world unlike anything he had imagined. […]

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The Good

Immerse yourself in the whirlwind of Justin’s day and night experiences, as he weaves through Bangkok’s lively streets, encountering the city’s vibrant dichotomy. From tranquil moments of self-reflection amidst temple visits to embracing the bustling energy of Chinatown, Justin’s encounters paint a vivid picture of a city that never sleeps.

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Cultural Schizophrenia

In this thought-provoking video, Justin delves into the fascinating world of schizophrenia, shedding light on its diverse manifestations as a cultural phenomenon. Recognizing that schizophrenia is not a one-size-fits-all condition, Justin explores how cultural, social, and environmental factors can shape and influence the experience of this complex disorder.

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Packing 2 Weeks Out

Join Justin as he gets ready to embark on a trip to Thailand. In this episode, we’ll join Justin as he finishes up his packing and shares with us his detailed plans for the trip. With just a few weeks left until his departure, Justin is filled with anticipation and excitement to explore a new […]

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Packing 3 Weeks Out

Accompany Justin on his journey to Thailand as he faces various challenges and obstacles. In this particular episode, Justin reflects on the difficult task of bidding farewell to loved ones and expresses his thoughts on the things he will miss the most.

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